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Avocado  Health Page

Persea Mites

In California some varieties of Avocado trees are under constant attack from a spider mite called Persea mite. This mite causes trees to loose their leaves and the fruit to spoil from sunburn. This very destructive spider mite needs to be controlled with predator mites. Two releases per year are suggested for the best control of this pests.


Avocado leaves can be ravaged by the Persea mite. Thousands of silver spots harbor the mite under thick tiny webs. later these spots will turn brown and several times a year massive leaf drops can occur. The Avocado Mite Kit stops this pest. Predator mites are the only effective control for this pest. Hundreds of millions are released by farmers each year on the groves of California, get yours today to begin halting this pest now.


Avocado Mite Control Directions

Avocado Thrip Damage

Will not kill your tree, but it will cause most of your fruit to fall to ground. Commercial growers have a couple of controls but for home gardeners the options a limited.

With all of the pests attacking Avocado trees and the poor soil in which they are usually planted they could use a little extra help. I strongly urge you to give your trees some really good fertilizers.