Tree Rose Photo Gallery

Use pictures to get some tree rose ideas.

Secret, 36" in #15 pot - wow! $115.00. 6 feet tall x 4 ft wide A Row of 36" Icebergs, like large snow balls
24" Patio rose trees line a walkway Sometimes simple is better. A 36" Std Iceberg adds height and color to this bed
A 60" Weeping China Doll. A very good choice for breaking up the large white face of this home but badly placed. It should been planted a least 2 feet further away from the house.
Down sizing, using mini trees and mini  rose bushes against a hand crafted fence.
Pascali's white with this dark blue pot Light up your yard with A Playboy. Charisma also has a similar fire hot look.
Renae, 60" weeping rose tree, simply breath taking once it gets going. Also in 36" and 48" size. When you want a tree rose in bloom we are the experts in getting to you. This is a 60" China Doll on its way to Rhode Island.
Packed and ship where ever you need them to go too. 2 hours packing and 45 pounds later.